Filinvest New Clark City is a 288-hectare masterplanned community located within New Clark City. It is envisioned to be a LEED-certified city that creates a future-ready and sustainable setting that is nested in a vibrant live-work-play-learn environment.

With its four pillars—world center, multi-gen metropolis, eco-efficient capital, and strategic base—it aims to set the benchmark for future planning in the Philippines.

New Clark City

New Clark City is located in Central Luzon and has global connectivity through local and international routes - including NLEX, SCTEX, Clark International Airport, and Subic International Freeport. Surrounded by scenic mountain views, NCC is poised to be an eco-friendly, world-class metropolis.

It has a smart-planned ecosystem that combines innovation with sustainability. Here, we will build mixed-use districts — industrial, residential, educational, and commercial - where everyone can live, work, play, and learn as one.

About New Clark City

A 288-hectare smart townscape, Filinvest New Clark City inspires innovation and commerce in one central, strategic location inside New Clark City.

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